Developing and implementing vision systems requires a multitude of disciplines.

Every project has a multidisciplinary team consisting of applied physics, optics, electrical design, mechanical design, mathematics and algorithm development, software developers, assembly and support staff.

Together with our sister companies VIMEC Applied Vision Technology and Smart Vision Center, we have over 90 employees based in our Eindhoven office.

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We understand that knowledge is key, however only part of the success.

At Beltech you are never just an employee or an individual, we consider each employee as vitally important because eveyone has unique skills, initiatives and characteristics that contribute to the whole.

At Beltech we cherish authenticity, and you get the freedom and space to develop yourself, your expertise and ambition, in a high-tech environment.

The work we do is not standard nor easy, but we believe in a pragmatic and realistic approach when applying theoretic models in practice.

Instead of long-term studies, we take concrete steps and in matter of weeks we inform our customer how we could address his challenge.
The average total lead-time of a project is almost eight months, of which typical deployment is 18 weeks. In other words, we spend most of the needed time in defining and getting the order, rather than building and integrating the working system operational in your process or machine.

This means:

  • exciting work
  • a high level of return in customer-feedback
  • seeing your technical contribution work in matters of months instead of years
  • working in a highly technical and multidisciplinary setting
  • multiple projects being rolled out by all team members in parallel
  • you will work with colleagues with a different background, resulting in different insights, diversity and creative colleagues Beltech

We are always interested to meet people that have a fascination for technology (with image-processing or vision in particular).

Do you have the right attitude? Find out about all vacancies in our group.