In February 2014, I started my internship at Beltech due to our overlapping passion for machine vision. At the time I was studying Mechatronics and already had some experience in using data from camera’s to automate processes in a robot, an industrial production plant and a smartphone application. The large amount of technological innovative solutions that are yet to be realized by means of machine vision excite me and in my eyes can make the world a better place. Possible examples range from automating my helicopter drones to automatically sorting waste for recycling, from automatic quality control to farming more ecologically. At Beltech I could possibly design and develop such products and further expand my knowledge base.

Why I joined Beltech

For my graduation project I worked on creating and validating an embedded motion controller for a 3D linear robot with µm precision allowing for accurate 3D scans. During this project I did very little with vision, but expanded my knowledge in motion control, embedded design and mechanical areas. Nevertheless, by following the projects of my colleagues I learned a lot about vision (both theoretically and practically) and also contributed by partly designing a high speed laser triangulation scanner for a demonstration at a trade fair.

I found the technical challenge at Beltech very motivating. Further the informal atmosphere, the close cooperation between employees, their direct but supportive attitude, their technical knowhow, their theoretical basis and the no-nonsense/objective mentality make for a very attractive working environment.

Finally the opportunity to work on projects with possible market disruptive consequences convinced me Beltech was the place to continue my career.

My experience at Beltech

In August 2014, I started at Beltech and during my short time at Beltech I already watched it grow; both in size and expertise. Past year we moved to our new and larger accommodation at the Flight Forum, created a vision lab, got to know our comrades at Vimec and implemented more structure. Further our team of engineers was strengthened by young new engineers. The energy, dedication and drive to deliver at Beltech is contagious, but at a healthy level.

At Beltech, most employees work in relatively short projects. This allowed me to work with different people, encounter new challenges and work in different fields (optics, electronics, mechanical, software, control and motion). This matches my interests, my past education and my goal for the future.

I personally appreciate the time, resources and patience I received to develop my skill set during the research and design of new products. It has made my effort to

creatively engineer new solutions a gratifying experience, leading to enthusiastic customers.

Kind regards,

Pim van Rijn

System Engineer