Robotic Cheese Slicer to reduce waste

An interesting and intense collaboration has lead to a good result.

June 4th 2015, Dero B.V. was able to demonstrate their innovative cheese-slicing robot.

The controls of the robotic arm are based on the 3D scanned cheese-surface.
More specific, the 3D laser triangulation setup captures the whole top-surface of the cheese. The collected 3D point-cloud surface-data is processed by the Beltech-software and used for controlling the robotic cheese slicer.

In comparison to the conventional processes, we help the industry to reduce waste and increase efficiency.

Robot technology + 3D Vision

  • No two cheeses are the same: 3d scanning provides a unique slicing-path for every single cheese
  • Reduce waste and increase efficiency
  • Demonstrator: 50 cheeses per hour (twice the human speed)
  • Highly consistent process
  • Slicing of cheeses in 3 positions
  • Slicing of cheese in two sweeps
  • What’s next:
    • Commercial set-up 120+ cheeses per hour
    • Now rectangular cheeses – future caron-model and round
    • Handling of waste and anticontamination optimized
  • Post-slicing quality can be inspected by the same vision system
  • Total vision accuracy: < 1 mm
  • Dero / Elten handling and robotics specialized in cheese industry
  • Beltech & Dero – partnership in High-Tech Vision & Robotics solutions
  • Dero has equipped the robot with sensing technology as well.

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