“VAAS” Vision As A Service

“VAAS” Vision As A Service

An advanced Managed Service is Beltech’s VAAS – ‘Vision-as-a-Service’. Just recently launched, this service is aimed at those customers that have no defined outlook yet on the vision service and function they need. In cases where the usage, capacity and functionality are not yet fully clear and set it is hard to justify a CAPEX (capital expenditure) investment for companies. In this case, Beltech VAAS offers an alternative solution.

OPEX instead of CAPEX

In the VAAS-concept, Beltech will develop and supply a vision system and integrate it at your site, anticipating the flexible need or varying requirements. Instead of a CAPEX investment, you will receive this service as an OPEX (operational expenditure) business model. This means that you pay for a certain capacity, functionality or period instead of buying the system.

Flexible duration and agreement

In the VAAS agreement it is defined in what way extra needs or capacity are handled operationally and commercially. In worst case, when a ‘larger’ system is required, Beltech will replace the hard- and software to continue the service according to agreement.

When your requirements and usage get defined after a while, the VAAS service can be converted into a CAPEX investement. You can decide to buy the system any time you want.

Beltech invests in these new type of services to make vision technology available for a broader market.
We participate in the risk of its customers in a risk-reward model. Beltech is capable of doing so, as we believe in our turn-key approach and work with this type of technology for multiple projects and customers on a daily basis.

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