Customer Value

Beltech develops, supplies and integrates vision-systems. Our turn-key solutions offer you the following value:

  • Increased quality of process and product
  • Opex / cost reduction
  • Increase of flexibility


  • Risk mitigation: our approach starts with your process, your demands, wishes and expectations. Keeping our focus on these factors, we develop a turn-key project with a guaranteed functionality. We absorb the risk of developing a new system and thus minimize your risk exposure.
  • Flexible and future proof: being brand-independent we provide additional flexibility. Having no restrictions to any third party supplier or brand, we can always provide an objective advise. In case of an emergency we are independent and provide immediate support. Our systems are designed to for multi-use of different technologies and components, allowing easy exchange of hardware, e.g. when requirements change or components get obsolete.
  • Reliability long term: we exist 29 years and have focused on machine-vision since the start. With a vast experience of different deployments across countries and markets we are capable of integrating with any type of system, within any type of environment. Our systems are operational for decades without major issues. With 45+ engineers in the group, we offer access to the latest technologies, a strong support-team for emergencies and flexibility during the life-cycle of your machinery and process. We are also there when you have a problem or when your process changes.


Beltech – High Tech with trusted values