In addition to our services and support we have developed additional services for customers to make use of in those cases where extra care or more flexibility is required.

Spare parts management

The importance of the system, its complexity and composition  determines if customers will place spare parts on stock. Beltech can participate in this risk and investment profile by placing components on stock on your behalf. An advantage can be often obtained as Beltech can allocate such components to multiple projects and customers.

Managed Services

In certain cases the usage of an automated inspection system at a customer is not frequent enough to justify the initial investment or the build up of competences to maintain it. In those cases Beltech has already experience of offering customers a managed service instead of a system. Within a managed service the system will remain ownership of Beltech and can be used for a broader purpose. At the same time Beltech guarantees the service uptime to the customer. When the customer needs the specific inspection or measurement, Beltech will ensure the system performance and perform the measurements on behalf of customer or in close cooperation. An example of such service is the measurement and inspection of the HSL rail track in The Netherlands, where Beltech performs the measurement of 80 kilometer track on behalf of the customer. Such service is stringently monitored and controlled in an SLA (service level agreement) securing output, quality and commercial conditions.

Why “VAAS” 

  • Is your process not yet fully developed?
  • Is a CAPital EXpenditure (CAPEX) not yet an option?
  • Does quality inspection add value to you?

We’ve got the solution ready for you in an advanced managed service:

Beltech presents VAAS – ‘Vision-as-a-Service’.

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vision as a service