We do projects for you, with you.
The logic steps below display our typical project-approach. Click the icons and see what it means to us.

Each step is designed to ensure a satisfying end-result for you: a fully customized solution at a competitive price!


No-one else can explain your operational or quality challenges better than you.
That’s why we always start with listening to your story.
We are glad to be able to visit your facility and get good understanding of the operational process and circumstances.
Or -just as good- you have no process yet, just an idea which you need advise for.
Leaning on our experience, the conversation will take us to the true problem that needs to be solved.
At the same time we will have reviewed critical success factors such as cycle time, accuracy and other requirements and expectations.
It is key to assess each process, product and environment thoroughly. That is why we will collect sufficient, representative samples.

Are you in this phase and do you have coffee available? We’re almost on our way…..
Mail us to make an appointment.

Good to know: except for the coffee, the time we invest in you is free!

Do you have samples to be tested?