Piet Mosterd joins Advisory Board of the One of A Kind Technologies group

January 21st 2016

Piet Mosterd joins Advisory Board of the One of A Kind Technologies group

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The Eindhoven-based high-tech group, One of A Kind Technologies, appoints an Advisory Board. The last three years the company has grown from 10 to more than 55 employees. For the coming years the Board of Directors foresees continued strong growth. The newly formed Advisory Board will assist the board to determine and preserve its strategic direction, innovations and further professionalization of the organization.

The Advisory Board consists out of three positions of which the first one is now addressed. With the appointment of Piet Mosterd, One of A Kind Technologies secures an established name and entrepreneur. As CEO of AWL-Techniek BV, Mr. Mosterd led this company through change, growth and internationalization. He acquired the company in 1993, then with 48 employees. Currently, AWL has grown to a successful company, a worldwide leader in automated welding machines with more than 450 employees working in The Netherlands, Czech Republic and China.

We are proud and pleased that Mr Mosterd accepted our request, to join our Advisory Board. During our interview it became clear that many of the topics we are dealing with, are known for Mr Mosterd and that he is able to comprehend them rapidly”, says Alex Kind, CEO of One of A Kind Technologies. “We are convinced that his experience with for us relevant themes like professionalization, growth and internationalization, will help us in expanding our company”. His ability to put things in perspective, his questions and experiences are enlightening, reassuring and inspiring.

Piet Mosterd says: “These entrepreneurs and their employees are very ambitious and enthusiastic. It is exciting to find the right balance and to ensure that what is conceived in their minds is being brought into practice.”


About Piet MosterdAdvisory board piet mosterd AWL

Piet Mosterd (1950) resigned in December 2015 as CEO of AWL-Techniek BV. Mr Mosterd will remain involved in AWL-Techniek BV as owner and will be concerned with matters beyond the operational process. As advisor he is also involved in a number of companies and in regional and nationwide social initiatives amongst which “De Techniek Academie, Veluwe Portaal, Platform Techniek Noordwest-Veluwe, FME, NIL en het LAC”, all targeted at promoting the development of technical education.

During the management transfer at AWL-Techniek BV, Piet Mosterd received a royal award and became knight of the order of Oranje-Nassau.


About  One of A Kind Technologies

The high-tech group, One of A Kind Technologies, invests in independent high-tech companies as part of its ‘Acquire, Develop and Grow’ strategy. Investments aill always be targetd at the long term. Companies within the group are Beltech B.V., Crux Agribotics B.V., Smart Vision Center B.V. and Vimec Applied Vision Technology B.V.


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