Applied Vision and Robotics to handle Organic Products: Sortiflex

December 8th 2017

Nowadays, organic products such as cucumbers are harvested, sorted and packed, involving a lot of manual labour.

The sorting machine needs the products to be oriented and aligned. Because none of the organic products are the same, this task is hard to automate and for that reason remains a human operation.
After sorting, the fruit or vegetables often get packed in a box or tray and, again for the reason of organic variety, this is not easy to automate and human hands often have to do the job.

Beltech, Christiaens and ABI have come with a solution called SortiFlex to automate this handling of Organic Prodicts

With the SortiFlex solution, the above manual routines can be fully automated.
As long as a steady supply or products and packaging material can be provided, our vision and robotics solution will take care of the rest.
The Beltech vision system provides 3D information about each cucumber, such as length, position and orientation.
Each product is automatically graded and gets a destination which is digitally addressed to it.

Furtheron in the line, each known product is picked up by a delta-picker, oriented in the right way and placed in the right destination and position.
Imagine a set of six deltapicking robots handling as much as 21.600 products per hour (!) This can run 24/7 without complaints, breaks or holidays.

And as soon as a new packing is required, the reprogramming is easy and simple, no change of gripper is needed, just another software configuration and the sorting and packing can resume.

Hard to imagine?
Come have a look at our demonstrator, either at Beltech or visit our stand at the FruitLogistica exhibition, February 2018 in Berlin.


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