Sortiflex, Integraded pack robots

December 12th 2017

The brandnew brand-name: Sortiflex, Integraded Pack Robots

What does Integraded stand for?

Integraded is the new definition of ‘integrated grading’

Why grading?

Grading is an important aspect of handling organic products.
In organic products, or produce, none of the individuel products is the same.
Growing conditions cause a mixture of size and quality-aspects on every single product.
Properly classifying allows the grower or trader to sell the well-shaped products for a better price than the rest.

sortiflex integraded pack robotsHow does it work?

The actual Integrading functionality is performed by the Beltech vision algoritms.
These complex algoritms enable real-time 3D image capturing, on-board processing of organic materials.
For example, a continuous stream of cucumbers will be converted into 3D information in a point-cloud of every single product.
From this point cloud, which contains no intelligence, the software algoritms are able to determine numerous variables which are needed further down the line, again for every single product.

First level examples of the outcome are:

  • length
  • diameter
  • exact position
  • orientation
  • freshness
  • damages

The second level is ‘grading’ by using all available first-level details and merge them into the desired outcome:  which destination is the right one for this organic product?.

OK, my cucumber is graded, then what?

The result of the integraded computiong is only  usable when it can be applied to the physical product.
Imagine a bulk quantity of cucumbers which is to be divied over four output lines, short, medium, long and scrap products.

In the SortiFlex Integraded pack Robots, the grading-outcome is immediately communicated to fast robots, resulting in a correctly placed product. Each cucumber will end up in the right customer specific tray on either one of the four lines.

integraded SortiflexSummary

SortiFlex Integraded Pack Robots take care of packing the right product in the right way with objective decision-making by smart software algoritms.
This way each product can be sold at it’s maximum market value.
Knowing all details of every single product allows flexible customized packing.

The Integraded way, just ask for it!

Do you have bulk articles to be sorted and placed into customer specific packing?
Consider “the Integraded way“, ask for details, using the form below.

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Sortiflex, Integraded Pack Robots


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