Track and Traceability

In addition to product quality, data about products is becoming more important every day. Data such as where the products are located in production or the entire value chain and, for example, production dates and best before dates.

Our track & trace systems provide instant feedback on this data by identifying and interpreting codes applied to products, such as barcodes, QR codes, numbers and letters, as well as properties of the specific product.

This automatic reading and processing of data can be done at high speeds and for all kids of (organic) products. These types of applications serve their purpose in the agriculture & food domain.


360° Inspection
The purpose of the system is to detect, decode and prevent quality issues with important printed codes. The system inspects for print quality, presence of label and print, decoding 1D barcodes and 2D codes such as DMC, QR, and OCR/OCV character verification.

Decreasing print quality or missing prints are immediately detected, preventing product with unreadable codes entering the market. The multi-camera in 360° a setup make sure the full product is inspected and does not need to be handled, increasing the throughput of the inspection machine.

The system tracks the products on the production line using the printed codes. In addition, the content of the code can be used to sort the products to different conveyors or palletizers.