Quality inspection

Consistent and objective quality assessment is the key to provide the right product with the right quality to your costumers. All products in the agriculture & food domain need to be checked  and need to be safe for consumption. Our machine vision systems can be applied in those places where product quality is crucial and where at the same time a high degree of automation is desired.

In addition to individual product quality, our customers often use our systems to monitor the process and to compare the measurement data from our sensors and cameras in real time with desired reference values and thus to parameterize and adjust processes immediately.

Such feedback loop can be fully automatic, while the data can also be analyzed afterwards. Ultimately, continuous quality assurance is the goal of these types of applications.

Pack inspector

The purpose of the system is to inspect packs on the production line for; contaminations, defects, missing parts, and mix-ups.  Rejected product will be removed from the production line.

The Pack Inspector can be equipped with inspections that suits your needs, such as Empty Can Inspection, Scoop Detection, Cap Inspection, Missing Code Inspection, Sleeve Inspection and Mix-up Detection.

The system is designed specifically to operate in food and hygienic environment, the design is compatible with high-care standards such as EHEDGE. It is built from stainless steel and single wired. The applied technology consists of industry standards and the system can communicate directly with line control.

Some of the system functionalities are Integrated Safety Circuit, Safety Pneumatics, LOTO/LOTOTO compatibility, Stack Light, front and back safe access door, Line Communication, Key-operated Bypass, and Service Lighting and socket.

Cheese inspector

The origin of all cheese needs to be traceable, including industrially made cheese naturally ripened cheeses. Cheese is identified using a cheesemark, which can be extended with a 2D Datamatrixcode (DMC) to be able to identify the cheeses automatically.

The code on the cheesemark ensures the serialization and track-and-trace possibilities of the cheeses and production processes. However, due the natural nature of the cheese, the fully automated scanning of the codes is complex. The shape and contrast of the cheesemark is influenced by the crust of the cheese and the ripening process.

We developed a Cheese Identification & Inspection system that is not only capable of identifying and decoding the DMC on the cheesemark, but can also inspect the cheese for defects, such as contamination, shape issues, missing pieces and mold.

Using this system to identify and inspect cheese at a critical position within the production and delivery process ensures the quality and minimizes costs when there might be a recall.

The system consist of two separated conveyors to inspect the cheese from top and bottom. The system is built from stainless steel and is designed to work in a hygienic environment.