Handling and Robotics

The world around us is changing rapidly. The world population is increasing, but the lack and costs of good labor in production processes are increasing in all markets and segments.

The demand for good labor, in combination with the demand for more flexibility in production processes, increases the demand for automation by means of robots. We respond to this increasing need by using robots and equipping these robots with our vision solutions.

The addition of vision makes robotization profitable for (smaller and rapidly changing) production facilities, but also guarantees the quality of the products to be processed by adding our Quality Inspection.

Applications we offer are bin picking of unsorted parts, pick & place and automatic (de) palletizing and packaging within the agriculture & food domain.


Together with Sixpak we developed a mobile and compact bin-picking robot, called SHEFF.

SHEFF can be used for random infeed of products like sachets, cups and cans in convenience food and ready meals and can be placed at any packaging line. SHEFF picks them all. The products will be picked at random and do not have to be separated first.

SHEFF is mobile and measures only 1,5m x 1m x 2,3m. It can be moved and used at different packaging lines. SHEFF can pick and place up to 50 products per minute. The hygienic design and stainless steel construction makes it the ideal picker for the food industry.

By adding SHEFF to the production line, you add a flexible, hygienic and mobile co-worker that is always motivated.


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