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What is ANPR?
ANPR stands for Automated Number-Plate Recognition.
An ANPR-unit observes a certain region and will be able to read a licenseplate (or numberplate) that moves through this field.
To read the numberplate automatically, we need camera, lens, light and OCR-software.
Read more about Beltech ANPR. 

How OCR-software works
OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, this means that OCR-software can process a digital image and tell which characters are on the picture.
An ANPR-unit will capture a digital picture, submit it to OCR-algorithms and the digital output is the recognized line of characters and digits.
More details and examples of OCR behind this link.

One or two cameras needed?
To perform OCR-algorithms, one camera is sufficient.
In certain situations this can be the only function and adding more cameras (and therefore more information) is not of added customer-value.
Most of the ANPR-units we produce are equipped with a second camera, known as context-camera. This is usually a colour camera which saves a context-picture for every licenseplate read.
The purpose of this context-picture differs per customer.

  • A context-photo can be used as evidence that a numberplate was at at certain location.
    • Here we advise to attach our available GPS-information to the picture
  • Context-photos provide evidence that a licenseplate was on a specific car
    • Read more about classification
    • Possibility to detect false licenseplates

One or two lanes to monitor?
Depending on your need in combination with the local situation, Beltech will advise to use one-lane or two-lane units.
Both are available and the circumstances determine which one is best to use.


What else can a Beltech ANPR-unit do?

Car classification
Beltech algorithms for car classification can be integrated in most of our ANPR-units which are equiped with a context-camera.
The captured image is processed by the classification algorithm and the ANPR can export the car-properties in a digital format.
Recognized features can be colour, type & model, size, with or without trailer, number of axles and whatever you require.

Length measurement
When the position of the Aviva allows a side-view of the passing vehicles, accurate vehicle-length can be measured.
Even with numerous stops and starts, the length value remains within tolerance.

Speed information
As an option, most of the Beltech-models can be equiped with a radar-unit.
This tracking radar optimizes the iage-capuring and provides accurate -and certified- speedinformation to the recognized licenseplate.
This option will use the GPS-coördinates of the ANPR


Governamental use
Where does the numberplate information go to?
The exported string with licenseplate syntax, and evental other information, is sent to a central processor and erased from the ANPR.
After comparing the string to a black-list or whitelist, the central control software will flag the licenseplate to be relevant or not.
If irrelevant, the registered information is deleted. If relevant, the information is saved and action is initiated.
Read about: (articles in dutch)
Licenseplate montioring around Airports
* Predictive maintenance to roads and bridges
* Traffic safety: ANPR to provide vehicle-nationality to help warn foreign drivers in their own language







Height warnings are more effective when the warning language is adapted to the vehicles nationality.



* Our partner for ANPR in Italy
* Contact us for local advise


Non-governamental use
Besides the governamental licenseplate reading on public roads and highways, our units are being used for non-governamental applications. A big advantagehere is that there is no homologation-trajectory involved, which is beneficial for development speed, cost and flexibility to upgrade soft- and hardware at any time.ANPR

Access control: allow white-listed licenseplates in parking automation, site-acces

Traffic monitoring on private sites: automated feedback to employees, guests and suppliers on your private roads / industrial site or estate.

Commercial traffic monitoring & counting: count traffic in a more effective and efficient wy than ever before. Include nationality, classification details, speed (indicational or certified), bicyclists, pedestrians.


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