The vision-systems developed and delivered by Beltech fulfill various functions and serve multiple purposes. In general, the added value is improving both quality and productivity of operational processes. Through vision-based automation, you will experience cost-reduction, increased flexibility, optimal reliability and continuity, applicable to any process.
In the subsections below you can read more about different applications and systems including realized projects.

Quality Inspection

Consistent and objective quality assessment is the key to provide the right product with the right quality to your costumers. All products in the agriculture & food domain need to be checked  and need to be safe for consumption. Our machine vision systems can be applied in those places where product quality is crucial and where at the same time a high degree of automation is desired.

Handling and Robotics

The demand for good labor, in combination with the demand for more flexibility in production processes, increases the demand for automation by means of robots. We respond to this increasing need by using robots and equipping these robots with our vision solutions.

Track and Traceability

Our track & trace systems provide instant feedback on this data by identifying and interpreting codes applied to products, such as barcodes, QR codes, numbers and letters, as well as properties of the specific product.

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