The vision-systems developed and delivered by Beltech fulfill various functions and serve multiple purposes. In general, the added value is improving both quality and productivity of operational processes. Through vision-based automation, you will experience cost-reduction, increased flexibility, optimal reliability and continuity, applicable to any process.
In the subsections below you can read more about different applications and systems including realized projects.

If similar topics and objectives apply within your company, or if you would just like to get a better understanding of the possibilities and critical success factors of automation with vision, feel free to challenge us. We like to think along with you! Our technical advisor is only one click away.


Our identification-systems are designed with fast and reliable product categorization in mind. The data provided by our system helps monitoring production in several ways. Huge amounts of continuously collected data can be used in your Statistic Proces Controls (SPC). Other process-data is used to manage production, making it lean, solely based on production orders. Thirdly, actual and continuous data is oftenly used as an input for supportive systems that manage product flow along the line.

A last, but certainly not least feature is traceability (or better, tractability) established by all recorded images and data. This aspect is a main driver in specific branches like Health, Pharmacy, Automotive and Semi-conductor.

Inspection & Measurement

At Beltech we can help you with your total quality management (TQM). Our tailor-made systems are designed to suit your needs and wishes. Let’s sit together and design a system to inspect your product, small or large, with your requested level of accuracy.

By nature, our systems are reliable and highly repetitive, there’s no choice on these aspects. The system will measure product-dimensions if you wish. Would you rather read text or barcodes placed on products? No problem.

In general, everything is possible. Most systems are used for inspection or measurement based on any visual object property.

Robot positioning

Our robot positioning-systems are able to pick and place a large variety of objects. From industrial mass-production parts to individual organic items such as seeds or fruits. Our 3D sensors or cameras first locate the object. Some high-level software translates the received images to a position in space. The position coordinates are calibrated before being sent to the robot. The robot now has eye-sight and can handle in an adaptive way, continuously making decisions how to deal with the new environment. For example automated bin-picking is made possible by this function.

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