SPC: Surface Particle Counter

SPC surface Particle Counter


Anyone responsible for clean-room environment will be familiar with the cleanliness standard ISO14644. Read about the 2015 December update here.

This standard describes the maximum amount of particles per size-class which is allowed in each respective cleanroom grade.

The Beltech SPC Surface Particle Counter has a unique working-principle that allows you to measure directly on the surface, anywhere in your clean-room.

A measurement is completed in a matter of seconds. The measurement data is wirelessly transmitted to the laptop and the present particles are reported.

spc bar garph particle depositie


Instantaneously, you can see yhe distribution of found particle-sizes in a bar-graph.

The five categories are customizable.



At the same time, each particle can be looked at by zooming into the available picture. The particle is fully measured and the measurment data is displayed around the particle.

spc surface particle counter display laptop



The SPC Surface Particle Counter is designed for use in clean environments. We’ve paid attention to have a smooth looking, clean device.spc surface particle counter set


  • Charging is done wirelessly, the included charger docks onto the SPC housing magnetically
  • The device is activated by a touch and is online in a matter of seconds
  • The measurement is activated by the operator on the laptop within reach of the  bluetooth signal
  • When taking measurements, the UV-warning light is burning.
  • All data is stored, templates and size-classes can be customized to your wishes and needs.
  • The unit comes ready-to-use in a professional case, complete with software, laptop and charging module.



 Beltech Inside

Beltech inside


The zero-series of the product were developed years ago, in conjunction with ASML.

Beltech has continued the R&D work and delivered the compact design in Q4 2015.

To deliver you the best possible advise and support, Beltech has a great partnership.

We are very pleased to work with Lighthouse Benelux to represent the SPC Surface Particle Counter.


Simply contact Lighthouse for delivery-times, application possibilities and other product-information.

Feel free to view more of the Beltech protfolio by following this link.