AvivA ANPR, the range of Beltech ANPR-units

Aviva ANPR is the Beltech-trademark for an extensive range of ANPR-units.

We understand that your application is specific and so should the solution be too. That’s why we provide only customized configurations.
There is no single standard unit, we developed basic product-families as a basis for your customized AvivA ANPR.

In Hebrew language, ‘AvivA’ stands for ‘Renewal’, which is representive for the way Beltech has brought top-techonology within your reach.


This basic ANPR is equipped with one camera, the OCR-camera.
The slim housing contains a small pc with the original Beltech OCR-algorithms.
More info on request

AvivA 1.0
Our classic model for 1-lane monitoring. Very economically and a known standard in the Italian market.
Have a look at the datasheet here.

AvivA 2.0
This is the newly released range with possibility for 2-lane monitoring,
including two directional obeservation
Carries all functionality of the Aviva 1.0 series, including integrated GPS
In an even more compact housing
Optional certified speed-measurement radar
More info on request

What all Aviva ANPR units have in common:
– Beltech design in soft- and hardware
– reliable
– recognizable
– non-branded OEM-design
– only A-brand components
– own internal processor
– premium optics
– ethernet connected
– robust, weatherproof outdoor design
– easy installation
– large installed base
– 24/7 support
– competitive in performance and price

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